Guide To Change The Username On Instagram In Less Than One Minute

Everyone wants a perfect and good username on social media sites, but it is very difficult to find it. Most of the Instagram users who are using this platform for a long time might regret the choices that they had made while choosing the username at that time. But you can change your username without any issue. 

Before rushing in making the decision, you should know that there is a huge difference in Display and username on Instagram. Your display name is your business or personal name. You can change it when you want as there is no need for having a unique display name. Therefore, changing the display name is an easier way for anyone. 

But your username is what shows at the top of your Instagram account. If someone wants to tag you in any post, then they will type your username with suffixing @ symbol. Having a unique username is necessary and has some restrictions as well. Some of the restrictions of username are:

  • Unique username
  • Having less than 30 characters
  • Important elements of username – letters, periods, numbers, and underscores without spaces
  • Restricted language

Now, here are the steps to change your user name from the Instagram account. 

Steps To Change Username In the Instagram App

Most of the users use Instagram from the mobile, so the first method is for the users who operate the app from the phone. If you have assumed a new username, then it will take less than a minute to change it.

Tap on the avatar that you will see on the bottom right to change the username. Then click on the edit profile button that you will see just below your bio. Now, find your old username, delete and write your new username in the field. Then tap on the checkmark on the top right corner. Your username gets changed.

If the new username is not up to the mark or doesn’t meet the criteria, then Instagram will not allow you to change your username. In that case, you will see the message “Username not available.” So, keep changing some elements of the username, until you won’t find a perfect one. 

Steps To Change Username On Your Computer

Changing the username of your Instagram account is an easy task. Even the steps that you have followed while changing the name in application is the same. But some options display in different locations on the screen. Here are more details about Instagram:

Open Instagram on your system or search “” and log in to your account. Now, click on the avatar that you will see just on the top of the screen. There you will find the Edit profile button, just next to the username. Tap on it, and enter your new unique username in the field. Read it twice and tap on the submit option that you find at the bottom of the screen. 

But you should note that the desktop version of Instagram doesn’t show any message or won’t give warning that username is already in use. But a small pop-up will tell you that your selected username is already taken or not unique. After that, you need to change the username, until you make it a unique one. 

What Happens After Changing Instagram Username?

When you have changed your Instagram username, then your previous name is freed up, and a new username will appear on your account. Sometimes, it will take time, but most of the time, the new username appears instantly. 

After changing the Instagram username, the URL of your account changes. The URL is created based on your username. Once the username changed, the old URL got corrupted. If anyone clicks on the old link that you had sent someone, then they will see an error message displaying on their screen. So, make sure that you have updated your new URL on other social media platforms so that others can’t face the same issue while finding your account. 

You don’t need to worry as changing your Instagram username won’t reset the count of the followers, but there are possibilities that they get confused when they see your new username. 

So, you don’t need to worry as your account will remain the same. For sometimes, you might see miss-understandings or low reach to your followers because the new username may confuse them. That might also lead to lower engagement or some of your followers unfollow you. But you can manage this issue simply by sharing some of the photos that will tell your audience that you are the same person whom they have followed. 

After changing the username on Instagram, the name also gets changed everywhere; your account is displayed on this platform automatically. But when someone wants to tag you in any post or want to upload a photo with you, then they need to be aware of your username.

Why Won’t Instagram Allow You To Change Username?

There are several reasons why Instagram won’t let you change your username. First and important is that your new username doesn’t meet all the requirements of a username. One of the most common errors is that users sometimes choose big names. If you are also doing the same, then try to use a short username. 

If you want your old username back, then there are more chances that your old username is taken by someone else. So, in that case, you won’t be able to change your username. 

There are some chances that your application has collected more cache that may create problems for you while changing the name on the Instagram account. It is a common issue, and you don’t need to think too much about it. After some time, you can change your username. If you are still worried about the cache collection or changing the username, then restart your phone and do it again.  

How To Find Someone Who Changed Their Username On Instagram?

Finding someone’s account is not a difficult task. If you follow that person, then you will find them in your following section, or when they update something, you might get the pop-up notification of posting any stuff on Instagram by them. 

You can also find them by searching with the display name. If the account is public and the username is the same, then you can easily find them. You can find their profile in the search result when you search them by their display name.

The ultimate way is to find a post or comment where the account is linked. It could be an old post that they commented or tagged. It is a big process, but don’t panic, you will get the profile. 

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