MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which One is Right for You?

We currently have 3 different selections while buying MacBook laptops, the 13 inch Air, 13 inch MacBook Pro as well as 16 inches MacBook Pro. In this article, we are going to talk about these models, and we’ll try to figure out which one is best for you as per your requirements, willingness, and budget.

If you are a budget maniac, then it is apparent that you would be able to spend on only affordable models as the high-end models might cost almost twice or thrice.

Keep in mind that all MacBooks offer almost similar build quality and look, so the only difference would be specs, internals, and size. This means if you want to perform lightweight to medium tasks, then the cheapest MacBook model would be perfect for you. However, let’s not say this without considering the technical specifications. You will need to know more about the specs of MacBook laptops which we would be telling you in this article. 

Comparing the MacBook Air & MacBook Pro

For the past several years, we were able to select a 13 inch MacBook Air, a 12 inch MacBook, a 13 inch MacBook Pro, a 13 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and 15 inch MacBook Pro. You had to select the color between white and black. 

Glad to say that Apple has now made everything far easier while selecting MacBook versions. Now it has become very easy to choose a MacBook without being confused. All you have to do is select from 13-inch MacBook Air, 13 inch MacBook Pro, and 16-inch MacBook Pro versions. It has made everything simple and straightforward.

Yes, more versions means more refined selection, but now you can choose any one of the present products as per your budget and desire. Apple has developed the4se models differently so that they can be easily apparent from each other- no more confusion with specs and features. 

Basically, we have two variants of MacBook currently in the market, which are MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Here are our recommendations for these products:

MacBook Air

It is one of the best selling laptops in the world, and users just love it. It has a decent price tag of 999 USD and just enables you to run everything from lightweight apps to medium level applications and programs. It is an ultimate laptop for students and homemakers who only need to do light things such as internet surfing, streaming videos, etc. You would be able to run powerful software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. However, if you want to edit 4K resolution videos, play Full HD games and edit 4K resolution photos, it would be a little weak. It is powered by Intel Core i3 CPU, but you can also get i5 in MacBook Air by spending 100 USD more.

The best thing about this laptop is that you will get a 256GB SSD even with the 999 USD model. In short, the 999 USD Air models are neither too slow nor too fast.  It is only made for average level apps and programs. Gladly, you can pay 100 USD more and get almost twice more power with the i5 processor.

MacBook Pro – 13 inch

It is one of the best MacBook models because it has plenty of power and features within its compact size, making it extremely portable. The best thing about this laptop is that it has 10th gen Intel processors that you can opt for while making a purchase. You get remarkable features such as Magic Keyboard, twice the storage, and novel keyboard design. It comes with Apple Touch Bar that allows you to control volume, screen brightness, and trigger calculator. 

The MacBook Pro laptop utilizes U series Intel processors, which provide a lot more power than MacBook Air laptops.  The Air version utilizes Y series Intel CPUs which might be a little weak when using power-intensive programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro. In short, the Pro laptop will be better for digital artists, designers, and video animators. 

MacBook Pro 16 inch

If you want a large display laptop and solid hardware and specs, then MacBook Pro is a one-stop solution. It is pretty large when compared to the 13-inch models and provides an excellent viewing experience. If you want to edit photos, videos and create digital graphics, this laptop is for you. You get discrete graphics along with a few AMD Radeon options. It is a buttery smooth laptop even if you wish to edit 4K movie editing or 3D modeling. 

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