Netflix Ultraman Is Back With a Season 2: All You Need to Know

For a person to not know about “Ultraman”, they have to be living under a rock. The series began as a Japanese tokusatsu, which translates to “live-action. This fantastic and entertaining science fiction show premiered on the Tokyo Broadcasting Station (TBS) on July 17, 1966, and continued till April 9, 1967. Eiji Tsuburaya created this show as a follow-up to ‘Ultra Q’. Soon, the show went viral in Japan, and the people turned the character into a pop culture icon. It is the perfect time for Netflix to come into the picture and grab at the opportunity to revive the series and make it their own. The company set the show years ahead of the original series. This adaptation of Netflix based itself on the ‘Ultraman’ manga by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi. 

In its original series, Netflix portrays Hayata as a member of a unique Science Patrol who becomes the final Ultraman through the show. As a pivotal member of this group, Hayata was duty-bound for protecting the planet from forces like aliens and monsters. 

But the man soon realizes that he is incapable of preventing these attacks on Earth, so he turns himself into a giant alien to protect everyone while keeping his true identity a secret from everyone else. The story unfolds years after Shinjiro Hayata found out that his father was once an Ultraman, which motivated him to become the Earth’s protector. The kind of love, appreciation, and fan following the Ultraman franchise garners on the Tokusatsu genre in Japan laid the ground for famous shows like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and V.R. Troopers. 

And to hype up the craze for the show Netflix came in with excellent news for the audience. Yes, it’s official! Ultraman will be back for another season on our beloved Netflix. The announcement was made on a global platform with the help of different social media platforms. Fans are filled with utter joy and excitement. Anime usually takes much longer to produce, so unless Production I.G. had begun working on another season before this official announcement, fans would have to wait for a long while before they can experience it again. The second season of Ultraman is predicted to release sometime during the spring of 2021.

For the very few who have not yet had the delight to watch the show, it is available in both Japanese and English (along with English subtitles). The first season consists of a total of 13 episodes.

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